Addams Family Card Game, 1964

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Another great game from Milton Bradley. The Addams Family Card Game is described by the instructions as "A Weird, Easy to Play, Fast-Moving Card Game. For 2, 3, or 4 players."

The cards for a complete set of 40 cards are as follows:

11 - Gomez cards
11 - Morticia cards
11 - Children cards
6 - Wild cards showing Lurch and Uncle Fester
1 - Card with game playing instructions


Each character has the power to TAKE another. Gomez TAKES Morticia... Morticia TAKES the Children... The Children TAKE Gomez. The Lurch and Uncle Fester (Wild) cards are most powerful, they TAKE any of the other cards.

At the beginning of the game, the cards are shuffled and dealt out, one at a time, FACE DOWN. Without looking at them, each player places his cards face down in a pile, in front of him. When two or four play, the dealer has one card less.

The object of the game is for one Player to TAKE all the cards; winning them one or more at a time when he turns over a more powerful card than his Opponent.

RULES FOR TWO PLAYERS: 1. After dealing the cards, both players TURN OVER the top card, each from his own pile, and places it FACE UP, in the center of the table.

2. The player who has TURNED OVER the more powerful card TAKES the two cards and places them FACE DOWN on the bottom of his pile. For example: If John turned over "Gomez" and Mary turned over "Morticia", John would TAKE both cards.

3. BATTLE: When the two cards turned over MATCH, they are left FACE UP and a "Battle" is started. Both players now turn over more cards, one at a time, and place them on top of their FACE UP cards, until only one player turns over a card that MATCHES THE TWO MATCHING CARDS AT THE BOTTOM. He then TAKES all the cards on the table.

4. When a "Battle" is on, no cards (not even the Wild Cards) have any value unless they match the pair on the bottom of the piles. For example: If two "Gomez" cards are turned over at the same time, the players continue, turning over one card after another, until another "Gomez" card card is turned over. The player who turned over this cards TAKES all the cards.

5. If, during this a "Battle", both of the players turn over MATCHING CARDS, EITHER THE SAME AS THE BOTTOM PAIR OF CARDS, OR DIFFERENT ONES, the "Battle" continues until ONLY ONE player turns over a card that MATCHES THE BOTTOM PAIR OF CARDS.

6. When a player uses up all his cards, either in regular plays or during a "Battle", he is out of the game. The other player, having TAKEN all of the cards, WINS THE GAME.

RULES FOR THREE OR FOUR PLAYERS: When there are more than two players, the game is played in PAIRS, taking turns around the table, to the left. All the two-player rules are used.

FOR THREE PLAYERS, Player #1 plays with player #2... player #2 with player #3... player #3 with player #1. When one player uses up all his cards he is out of the game, which continues with two players until one player has TAKEN all of the cards and is the WINNER.

FOR FOUR PLAYERS: Player #1 plays with player #2... player #2 with player #3... player #3 with player #4... player #4 with player #1. As in Three Player rules, when each player uses up all his cards, he is out of the game. The player who TAKES all the cards wins the game.

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