"Odd Ogg, Odd Ogg, Half Turtle and Half Frog"
- song from Odd Ogg TV commercial, 1962


ODD OGG was a great toy made by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1962. It was powered by 2-D sized batteries and a motor made in Japan. There was no on/off switch for Ogg, he was always ready to roll. Odd Ogg came with 5 colored plastic balls which you rolled toward him, attempting to roll it underneath the him directly below his tongue. If you rolled it dead center, Odd Ogg rolled forward a foot or so. If you rolled it off to the side, Ogg rolled backwards and opened it's mouth, sticking out it's tongue and making a razzing noise.

Here are some directions from the original instruction sheet:

Place ODD OGG on floor...Step back several feet...
Roll one of the colored BALLS toward the area below OGG's eyes (as indicated by the shaded throw area in the illustration below). If you roll the ball directly under his eyes, he will come toward you... If you roll the ball to either side of this area, he will back off a foot or more, stick out his tongue and razz you.
If ODD OGG continues to razz you as he moves in a backward direction, you must roll another ball directly under his eyes to make him come toward you.

ODD OGG PLAYS BALL WITH YOU. Try your skill... you win if he comes up to you before all the balls are used up. OGG wins if he can keep away from you.

Compete against your friends. See who can bring ODD OGG closest with the least number of balls.

This toy sells for between $100 and $500 these days. Make sure that ODD OGG has the separate metal battery cover and is in working condition before you pay a lot of money for it. This was another toy designed for Ideal by the great Marvin Glass and Associates.


Photo of me in 1963 at age 8 with my Odd Ogg box.

    Me in 1996 at age 41
    - Odd Ogg regained.

Scan from Sears 1962 wishbook.


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